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Carving redneck

It’s easy for us to become complacent and stuck in our ways, sometimes we need that initial push over the edge to jump in and discover a new hobby. My new found hobby came in the shape of a halloween decor challenge that my family had decided to have with the trunks of our vehicles at a gathering for trunk or treat. As you may know I enjoy working with my hands as the hand tied jigs and flies can show. I decided around 4 hours before the trunk or treat challenge what I would commit towards creating for our entry in the challenge, a haunted graveyard. This may seem like a plain thing to choose, but keep in mind I only had 4 hours to create something. With a plan set, I set off to harbor freight to pick up some cheap carving tools, I believe they only cost around $10.00 which makes this a very easy and affordable project for all. I then returned home and gathered some scrap lumber that I had laying around from previous projects, and cut out some rough shaped tombstones with a Radial arm saw. I sanded the block smooth to get rid of any loose grains of wood and soften the edges. I then drew out a simple design to carve out. I followed my design with the edge of a chisel to determine the points to be cut to. As I began gouging out and scrapping wood, my design began to take shape. This was a a pleasant experience as it proved to be a very relaxing and surprisingly easy process. If you are an artistic person this is the perfect new challenge to attempt as it will get your creative juices flowing with all kinds of new ideas, even while working on your first project. If you are not an artsy person, this is still a solid and great hobby to pick up as it relaxes you, and gives you an outlet for the days stress.

My first project was one of a few letters on a grave stone, and the carving of grave stones, but i feel this is only the beggining of this hobby for me. I have since started a new project and feel these mayh become a item worth sharing in the RO store once i get better at them. For now i am mearly learning and wanted to share this new found passion with you.

Finished product topped off with some dry ice and water for fog in the grave yard.

Please like and subscribe for more stories like this. I will be reaching out to new hobbies in the future such as leather working. If that is something that you would like me to document like this please let me know.

Started working on something for myself. Wanted to make a fly box for my crappie jigs and streamers.

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