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Deer Hunting During the Rut: Tips and Tricks for Redneck Outdoorsmen

If you're a redneck hunter, you know that there's nothing like the excitement of the deer rut. During this time, bucks are more active and aggressive as they pursue does, making it the perfect opportunity to bag a big buck. But hunting during the rut requires a different approach than other times of the year. Here are some tips and tricks for redneck outdoorsmen to make the most of the rut:

  1. Scout early and often: Before the rut begins, spend some time scouting the area you'll be hunting in. Look for areas with heavy deer traffic, such as trails, rubs, and scrapes. You'll want to be familiar with the terrain so you can plan your approach and set up your stand in the best location.

  2. Use scents: During the rut, deer are relying heavily on their sense of smell to find and communicate with potential mates. Take advantage of this by using scents such as doe urine or buck lure to attract deer to your location. Just be sure to follow local regulations and use scents responsibly.

  3. Be patient: The rut can be an unpredictable time, and just because you see deer activity in one area one day doesn't mean it will be the same the next. Be patient and willing to move around to find the best spot.

  4. Set up in funnels and pinch points: Look for areas where deer are likely to be funneled through, such as narrow ridges, creek crossings, or valleys. These areas are prime locations for setting up a stand or blind and waiting for a buck to come by.

  5. Use rattling and calling: During the rut, bucks are more likely to respond to rattling and calling as they seek out does. Practice your rattling and calling techniques before the hunt, and be ready to use them when you see a buck in the distance.

  6. Stay scent-free: With deer relying so heavily on their sense of smell during the rut, it's important to stay scent-free as much as possible. Use scent-free soaps, laundry detergents, and deodorants, and be sure to keep your hunting clothes in a sealed bag until you're ready to use them.

  7. Focus on the does: Bucks will be following the does during the rut, so if you see a doe, chances are a buck is not too far behind. Focus your attention on areas where does are likely to be, such as food plots or bedding areas.

By following these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to a successful redneck deer hunt during the rut. Just remember to stay safe, obey local hunting regulations, and have fun out there! Happy hunting, y'all!

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