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A Little Cleaner For All!

Updated: Apr 29

A feel good story

A Redneck Outdoor encounter.

I was once told by a past boss that i had we never have time for anything. he goes further on to say that we must make the time. I have carried this idea with me ever since hearing it, and have often found that it is absolutely true. Instead of spending that 10 minutes scrolling on social media multiple times a day we could instead make a small difference even if we were to dedicate one of our 10 minute scrolling sessions towards a better cause...

Myself and my Son

We have all noticed the trash that blows around and clutters the roadways on our commute to work. Surely it annoys others as it does me, But just like others i never have the time to make the difference in the world that i wish i could when it comes to cleanliness and litter free water ways.

To continue the story of my little helper I was surprised to find him waiting for me by my truck when I went out for my lunch break. my better half and his mother were waiting to see me as he wanted to come visit me at work. He noticed pretty quickly after arriving that there was a large amount of trash littered throughout the creek, and grassy areas. He motioned to momma that he wanted to pick up the trash and began saying “We are not litter bugs, we pick up our trash.” So we gave him a bag and jumped in helping him improve the area simply by picking up trash. We spent the remainder of my shorty lunch break jumping from rock to rock down in the creek picking up trash.

This short blip of a story has become common place with us everytime we go to a park, or even walking through a parking lot into a grocery store. I remember fondly a time a few short months ago on out family vacation to Florida. We were out on the pier doing a little fishing, and my son was riding in a wagon back to get some food from a vender back on shore, when he noticed a fellow fisherman deliberatelty litter by throwing trash on the ground next to him. My son, a three year old, called out at this gentlmen and called him a litter bug. pretty funny right? thankfully the gentleman got the hint and promptly picked up his trash. Pretty hard to combat the fact of a 3 year old calling you what you are.

I hope that this short blip of water way trash finds you and encourages you to make the small differences that become big successes given enough time. If he can do it so can we!

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